Friday, April 26, 2013


It's been quite some time since I last posted. I have missed this community, however... I have been on a journey and I want to learn from it all and be better for it. At the end of the day, when I feel alone and can't sleep (insomnia? I say somewhat jokingly), it's sad to be or feel alone. But morning always comes and with time, everything gets easier. And I know how many people there are in the world feeling down, or feeling happy or sleepy or anything, and I know that I am most definitely not alone.
There are a probably close to a million (am I exaggerating?) songs/videos/movies/quotations which could help me get these words out or at least make them sensible, but that comes with time, too.
Which isn't to say that I won't include some type of song/video/something in here, anyway. For all of you, out there, who feel something and know that it's okay to feel it, whether it's sadness or regret or humility or happiness or joy, this goes out to you. My heart goes out to you all. Thank you for listening. And hopefully, good night. Sleep well and begin tomorrow with hope. 

Oh yeah, and if any of you are wondering what could possibly be the answer to life, the universe and everything?......yeah, there's a radio series/book/movie(s)/so on and so forth you've probably read/heard of/watched called The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and the answer is 42. So. Everyone just stop trying to figure it out already! Right? (I'm sorry, it's just maybe one of the best things to comfort the soul in times of crisis (when all you really want to do is laugh/think/maybe cry a little/worry and then feel...good. 


I have recently become somewhat enamored with a band called The Head and the Heart. I'm sometimes a little late jumping on to the bandwagon (no pun intended, or maybe intended) but for some reason when I listen to their music and watch some of their videos, I'm inspired, and I feel like all of these things I've been wanting to do my whole life—be silly and dance around, be angry with the world, be happy with the world, love, cry, play music, start a band, move somewhere (anywhere) away from home (some places more than others), travel, take long roadtrips with friends, ride a horse across America (across the world?), get out there and not be afraid of what might happen but what could happen! It's all possible. And that's not to say that whatever happens won't bring disappointment and heartache, because it's difficult just to pay attention to what goes on in the world and not feel these things without the every day, but..I'm rambling. So it was difficult for me to choose one of their songs, but this one really gets to me when I think about the things I want to change, and the things I want our country to change. In the grand scheme of time, America is still just an infant, learning how to walk and learning how to be tolerant and how to not fight if at all possible. 
(oh, yeah..and I guess it is two songs. Is that cheating on my part? Oh, well. they work well together, anyway.)

I've forgotten how to embed codes and all that awesome computer technologically complicated stuff, so

The Head and the Heart - The Doe Bay Sessions

and normally I would want to add my own photograph or touch of creativity to a post like this, but I really think I've said enough.
I'm just so filled with gratitude when I listen to their music. and thank you all, again.

It will all be okay. It has to be.

"lord, have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways"

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