Tuesday, July 12, 2011

fig trees and summertime.

How shall I hold on to my soul, so that
it does not touch yours? How shall I lift
it gently up over you on to other things?
I would so very much like to tuck it away
among long lost objects in the dark 
in some quiet unknown place, somewhere 
which remains motionless when your depths resound.
And yet everything which touches us, you and me,
takes us together like a single bow,
drawing out from two strings but one voice.
On which instrument are we strung?
And which violinist holds us in the hand?
O sweetest of songs.

Rainer Maria Rilke
New Poems: c. 1907

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a new york goodbye


I noticed that in New York, it seems the most beautiful when you aren't looking for it, when you're not going somewhere, or trying to find a certain place, or hail a cab, or grab a burger. It was when I had time to kill and just spent it wandering around, along the Hudson River, or in the cab on the way to the airport, just saying goodbye to the city.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

sun still sinking

a little video from the other day at the beach, before i finish posting about new york.

sunset soon forgotten by iron & wine

Sunday, February 6, 2011

new york city

is, well...New York City. I don't know that there's any other way to describe it. (gritty. and occasionally the tiniest bit wonderful.)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

dog walks and the setting sun

The warm, spring-like weather here has been heavenly, and the pups have enjoyed their daily walks and trips to the park. Somehow, when I'm on walks with the dogs and forget to pay attention, I always (maybe not always) end up at the Old Jail (my favorite jail). Isn't it lovely and menacing all at once?

I appreciate living here, and I am grateful for Charleston, and how hard it tries to make me happy. There are still nights when I dream of bonfires and mountain bliss. Could I combine a little mountain town with Savannah, GA, and maybe a little of Charleston? I sit awake at night listening to Iron&Wine and can almost hear some semi-rural farm calling to me. Am I dreaming? I can see the sprawling acres, feel the summer heat slapping my face, galloping on horseback across the fields. The slow descent of the setting sun mixed with the smell of hay and barn dirt and the relief of a glass of water after a hard day of work. I could lose myself in it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

like dogs at the beach

This was my second beach day of this beautiful week in January. The first day was rather cold, but the second, as shown, was warm enough for wading through the water wearing rolled up jeans and a tank top. Darcy found a shell for his "hat," and Sabrina leapt through the water as though she'd never see the ocean again. William and I found a quiet place on the other side of the rocks from where we usually frequent on Sullivan's, and we plan to make it our new home for setting up chairs and reading books with the dogs (if we ever buy chairs). We saw dolphins closer than we've ever seen them before at the beach, which always gives me such a feeling of both excitement and utter peacefulness. I'm wise enough now to know how lucky I am to have days like this, and I'm determined not to take them for granted. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

fast & french

I learned how to wash dishes in a restaurant kitchen here my Freshman year of college. It is well-loved by the locals, from the escargot (non, merci) to the croque monsieurs (my personal favorite), and it almost makes you feel like you could be in Paris.  Earlier in the day, we went out to Sullivan's.  It was slightly cold and overcast, but the beach was desolate and we had it to ourselves, and there is something so immensely calming about a huge gray sky over the ocean.
We had the loveliest day.