Sunday, January 30, 2011

dog walks and the setting sun

The warm, spring-like weather here has been heavenly, and the pups have enjoyed their daily walks and trips to the park. Somehow, when I'm on walks with the dogs and forget to pay attention, I always (maybe not always) end up at the Old Jail (my favorite jail). Isn't it lovely and menacing all at once?

I appreciate living here, and I am grateful for Charleston, and how hard it tries to make me happy. There are still nights when I dream of bonfires and mountain bliss. Could I combine a little mountain town with Savannah, GA, and maybe a little of Charleston? I sit awake at night listening to Iron&Wine and can almost hear some semi-rural farm calling to me. Am I dreaming? I can see the sprawling acres, feel the summer heat slapping my face, galloping on horseback across the fields. The slow descent of the setting sun mixed with the smell of hay and barn dirt and the relief of a glass of water after a hard day of work. I could lose myself in it.


  1. I wish we could mesh our favorite places together.

  2. hi there! just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that you won the naturally nina music mix giveaway. please email me your postal address to naturallynina (at) cheers! xo

  3. That was powerful—
    I actually imagined you galloping across the fields...
    Thanks for the visual and the smell of hay.