Friday, January 21, 2011

fast & french

I learned how to wash dishes in a restaurant kitchen here my Freshman year of college. It is well-loved by the locals, from the escargot (non, merci) to the croque monsieurs (my personal favorite), and it almost makes you feel like you could be in Paris.  Earlier in the day, we went out to Sullivan's.  It was slightly cold and overcast, but the beach was desolate and we had it to ourselves, and there is something so immensely calming about a huge gray sky over the ocean.
We had the loveliest day.


  1. I want to find a good French restaurant near where I live so I can pretend I'm back in Paris.

  2. This place looks so beautiful
    Gorgeous photos

  3. I just went there for the first time this past Thursday! It was so delicious, and really easy on my (college) bank account :]