Friday, December 10, 2010

christmas gift ideas

(or things i'd just like to keep for myself)

i've been so inspired by the etsy art i've been finding recently, including

these prints by Danna Ray:

photos by irenesuchocki:

jewelry by dinosaur toes (always...i'm obsessed):


  1. The last photo with the trees and the bokeh is so gorgeous that if I bought it, I wouldn't be able to give it as a gift. It would be mine. What a great few choices you've made!

  2. i know! but i guess sometimes the best gifts are the ones you want to keep.

  3. I love finding art on Etsy. It makes me feel like I'm really supporting people when I buy it.

  4. PS I just looked over a couple more pages of your blog and I really enjoy reading what you write and really just think you're amazing. :) Do you enjoy letters and snail mail?? If so, you should e-mail me your address and we should be penpals. Just a thought.. :)

  5. aw, thanks for including me ;)

    i LOVE growndwork prints, but i still haven't gotten around to buying any. soon, though. SOON!

  6. Gift ideas and wishlist all in one then ;)
    Love the first ♥ And your blog is lovely :)

  7. I need art for my walls so badly and would love to add any of these to our collection.
    I also always love Dinosaur Toes' jewelry but feel like I am not cool enough to pull it off.

  8. oh, no--i totally disagree with that! i have one of her bullet necklaces and it goes with everything. i hardly ever take it off. i think it's just the right amount of edge.