Sunday, November 28, 2010

day seven. thanksgiving at stonehenge.

we spent thanksgiving at stonehenge. in accordance with the rest of this trip where nothing goes as planned, our ferry to dublin was canceled which pushed our return train to the holyhead port back 10 hours. so, we got creative and decided to catch the two hour bus to stonehenge, which is something i've wanted to do for as long as i can remember. it was freezing cold, which made it difficult just to stand in awe for very long, and there was a fenced path along the perimeter which was disappointing, but otherwise it turned out to be a pretty phenomenal thanksgiving. i'm always learning that sometimes it's best to let things fall where they may, rather than trying so hard to make things happen according to plan. you just never know what will happen.


  1. what an amazing experience for the holiday. Love the photos!

  2. thanks! it was definitely a unique thanksgiving this year.