Wednesday, October 13, 2010

first blog post. [travel]

traveling in the rural south:
the past two weekends have been dedicated to discovering new places: the first being pendleton, sc--
we stayed in a good friend's bed&breakfast, where we were served home cooked polenta and salmon cakes for dinner on the front porch.
beautifully restored 1854 house
old barn in back

 that night we were taken on a trip to the islander, a downtown pendleton karaoke bar. the next day we acquainted ourselves with the vultures and the chickens, and spent the rest of the day lazily watching the sun go down. 

a hen and her eggs

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  1. it's so funny to read a blog post about visiting lynchburg! that's where i live, and although i know there are historic places to see, i guess i never think of lynchburg as being a place people from out-of-town visit! if you ever come here again, you should absolutely visit a store called estate specialists. there is one down the street from the coffee shop you visited, and another on the street behind it. they have the best stuff for the lowest prices i've ever seen, and it's always like a treasure hunt!

    also, isn't charlottesville great? i always try to talk my husband into moving there. i love the downtown area, and they've got a great art and music scene.